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Why Vietnam is yet ...
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Why Vietnam is yet a top choice for retirement


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Why Vietnam is yet a top choice for retirement

A foreign man uses his phone at a coffee shop on Nguyen Van Binh Book Street in downtown HCMC, April 2023. Photo by VnExpress/Dang Le

Vietnam does not have a retirement visa that allows one to stay for many years, while its infrastructure and healthcare systems are not very attractive, according to readers.

"To retire in Cambodia, you need to be 55+, have proof of a pension, and have a passport from an approved country. That's all. Annual cost for renewal is $285.00, done inside Cambodia. The visa is multiple entry, you come and go as you please. Vietnam might want to look at this and hopefully create something similar soon."

"I have a retirement visa in Thailand valid 1 year, now on my 5th one. I might have chosen Vietnam if the visa situation had been easier, but it's very difficult. Won't move now too settled. Better accommodation here as well. And better bars."

"I agree with the relatively low living costs, I have my doubts about the health services. The various ways of obtaining a long term visa or residence permit is not viable for the majority of retirees, who just want to live out their days in peace and without hassle with investing, business or marrying..."
Jose Castroviejo

"Vietnam is definitely a beautiful country and great for retirement. What's really needed is a retirement visa that's practical and easy to apply. Give a 5-year visa."

"Both an advanced/reliable medical service system and an efficient transportation infrastructure systems would be the important condition to consider, for aged people during retirement. About such, it seems they are still not that ideal (in Vietnam)."

"I don't see many retired expats staying here in Vietnam, Viet Kieu maybe. Lack of infrastructure, decent garbage collection, and lack of traffic safety could deter most older couples from retiring here as many older couples like to be active."

"Indeed the cost of health care is one of the reasons that I'll continue to live in the U.K. My health care in the U.K. is free. I don't pay for prescriptions, medicines and I get checked over every 6 months... again for free. Yes, food etc is cheap in Vietnam but as people age advances there is an increasing likelihood that one will be needing that health care at some point. And it isn't cheap."