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Recommending places to eat.


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Hi All

Going back through some old posts I read in “ Off Topic Posts” a response written by Colinoscapee about allowing long term posters a chance to recommend places to eat (11-11-22)  Personally I think that this is a great idea. Being very much a huge street food and small family run “Restaurant” fan, I'm always on the lookout for new places to enjoy Vietnamese food. I do believe that these posters would not be pushing their friends or family business because much is already known about their ties in previous posts.

Just Food for thought (pun intended)

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I realise that this isnt the just of the thread but rather than starting a new one that may be confused with this one i thought i should post here.


Please could someone recomend good places to eat that are reasonably (for vietnam) quiet and i can have my own table at as i have mild aspergers  and get anxious if i feel people are staring. talking about me (i know they probably arn't) as i will have to eat with a knife and fork etc i feel that would set me apart and make it worse if at a shared table.


At the moment i will be visiting hannoi hoi an and nah trang (i already have somewhere set up for hcm as been there before) anywhere upto 1,000,000 vnd for a main meal and glass of wine is fine



please feel free to pm recomendations if its easier to stay with in the rules