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Da Nang and Airbnb
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Da Nang and Airbnb


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Hi there,


I will be visiting Da Nang in mid April 2023 and will stay for 4 weeks. I have been to Da Nang a couple times before the pandemic and really enjoyed my stay there.


I previously booked my accommodation for those visits through Airbnb and stayed at some really great homestays. However, I am encountering a bit of a problem now which I am hoping someone might be able to help me with.


Over the past week, I have contacted numerous (7 or 8) properties and no one has responded to any of my inquiries. All of the feedback in my Airbnb profile is positive, nothing negative.


My question: Is Airbnb now prohibited in Da Nang/Vietnam or is there another reason why I am getting no response from the Airbnb hosts?


I do know that the hospitality sector of the economy got hit pretty hard during the pandemic and some places are no longer operating. But I am scratching my head due to the lack of response from anyone.


Thank you for any insight that you can provide.


All the best.

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I suggest you not wait for a response from the AirBnB hosts. There are many "homestay" bookings available on some of the more popular booking sites (Agoda,,, etc etc).

There is also a local VN competitor to AirBnB, named Luxstay, which might be worth a look.


Good luck and please let us know how it all turns out.


(note: I have no affiliation with any of the above noted companies)