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Best Places to Visit in Egypt in 2024 | Egypt Vacation Packages


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Egypt is a country that offers a variety of attractions for travelers, from ancient monuments and museums to natural beauty and modern amenities. Whether you are interested in exploring the history and culture of the pharaohs, enjoying the sun and sea on the Red Sea coast, or experiencing the charm and diversity of Cairo, Egypt has something for everyone. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best places to visit in Egypt in 2024, covering the following destinations:

  • Giza Pyramids Complex: “Decoding Ancient Wonders”

Egypt, a land brimming with many places to visit, counts the Giza Pyramids among its most visited. These historic monuments, erected over 5,000 years ago, host the Great Pyramid, one of the world’s seven wonders. Utilizing these Egypt vacation packages, pyramid explorers can embark on a guided excursion, ascend the stones, experience horse or camel rides, and even delve inside for investigation.

 In the evening, the Sphinx and pyramids glow under a vibrant light spectacle, with the Sphinx delivering an oral chronicle of the pyramids. Beyond touring, guests can snap pictures and procure mementos like tiny pyramids or vintage objects. The Giza Pyramids are an indispensable spectacle for any Egypt visitor.

  • The Egyptian Museum: “Journey through Egypt’s Past”


The Cairo-based Egyptian Museum is a must-visit for those enchanted by the ancient Egyptian heritage and culture. It accommodates over 120,000 antiques, including the renowned Tutankhamun assortment and an array of mummies, sculptures, ornaments, and more. 

The museum’s displays are organized in chronological order, enabling guests to trace the evolution of ancient Egyptian civilization from the Predynastic Era to the Greco-Roman Period. Besides the primary museum, a Children’s Museum is also situated on the premises, boasting interactive exhibits crafted to captivate and enlighten younger attendees. The Egyptian Museum serves as an intriguing and educational stopover for explorers of all age groups.

  • Luxor Attractions: “Reliving the Pharaohs’ Era”

Situated in southern Egypt, Luxor is a city immersed in antiquity and houses numerous ancient Egyptian marvels. It formerly served as the Pharaoh’s capital and is recognized for its overload of temples, tombs, and other archaic remains. 

 The Valley of the Kings, the Karnak Temple, and the Temple of Hatshepsut are among Luxor’s most renowned landmarks. These sites offer a peek into yesteryears and shed light on the religious, political, and cultural aspects of ancient Egypt. Luxor also boasts a range of contemporary facilities and attractions, encompassing museums, gardens, and a house of luxurious Nile River Cruises you can accommodate. Given its wealth of sights and activities, Luxor is a favored destination for those keen on delving into Egypt’s abundant history and culture.


  • Aswan Monuments: “Nile’s Historic Gems Unveiled”


Aswan, situated in Egypt's southern region, is a city celebrated for its abundant history and breathtaking natural allure. It nestles on the Nile River's banks and hosts several ancient temples and other significant landmarks. The Temple of Philae, dedicated to the goddess Isis, is the most renowned among these and is deemed one of Egypt's most exquisite temples.

 Aswan's other remarkable sites encompass the High Dam, the Nubian Culture Museum, and the Unfinished Obelisk. The city also boasts various contemporary conveniences, including eateries, coffee shops, and marketplaces. Aswan is a favored destination for tourists keen on exploring Egypt's rich history and culture, as well as those seeking to relish the city's natural splendor. And also, Aswan is a house of luxurious Nile River Cruises you can accommodate while you are there.


  • Charming Hurghada: “Red Sea’s Vibrant Retreat”


Hurghada, situated on Egypt’s Red Sea coast, is renowned for its pristine beaches and transparent waters, making it a favored spot for snorkeling, diving, and various water sports. 

The city also boasts numerous luxury hotels, resorts, and spas, offering a plethora of amenities and activities for tourists. Besides its natural splendor and modern facilities, Hurghada also hosts several cultural and historical landmarks, including the Hurghada Museum and Temple of Seti I. With its captivating beaches, rich heritage, and opulent facilities, Hurghada is a must-visit for any Egypt traveler.

Islamic and Coptic Cairo (Old Cairo):

Islamic Cairo, a district in Old Cairo, Egypt, hosts numerous significant Islamic landmarks and cultural venues. It’s recognized for its slender lanes, vibrant markets, and stunning mosques and palaces. Notable landmarks in Islamic Cairo encompass the Citadel of Salah Aldin, the Al-Azhar Mosque, and the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, and 

The district also accommodates several museums, including the Museum of Islamic Art, which exhibits a collection of unique and exquisite Islamic art pieces. Islamic Cairo is an essential visit for those intrigued by Islamic culture and history, offering a distinctive and thrilling experience for explorers of all age groups.

is also a district in Old Cairo, Egypt, and home to numerous significant Coptic landmarks and cultural sites. It’s renowned for its narrow lanes, vibrant markets, and stunning churches and monasteries. Notable landmarks in Coptic Cairo include the Hanging Church, the Greek Church of St. George, and the Babylon Fortress. The district also hosts several museums, including the Coptic Museum, which exhibits a collection of unique and exquisite Coptic art pieces. Coptic Cairo is an essential visit for those intrigued by Coptic culture and history.

  • Alexandria Wonders: “The Ancient Mediterranean Metropolis”

Alexandria, situated on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast, was established in the 4th century BCE by Alexander the Great and rapidly evolved into a significant cultural and economic hub. Alexandria housed several notable personalities in history, including the philosopher Aristotle and the scientist Archimedes. It also hosted the renowned Library of Alexandria, one of the most extensive and essential libraries of the ancient world. Presently, Alexandria is a thriving city with a rich heritage and a lively culture. It hosts numerous significant landmarks, including the Qaitbay Citadel and the Montaza Palace, along with various museums, libraries, and other cultural establishments.


  • St. Catherine’s Monastery: “Sacred Solitude Explored”

St. Catherine’s Monastery is a Greek Orthodox monastery and, alternatively known as the Monastery of the Transfiguration, situated in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. It ranks among the world’s oldest monasteries, established in the sixth century by Byzantine Emperor Justinian I. The monastery houses numerous significant cultural and religious artifacts, including the Codex Sinaiticus, one of the earliest existing copies of the Bible. 

The monastery also hosts a collection of exquisite frescoes and icons, along with a library filled with thousands of rare manuscripts and books. Beyond its historical and cultural importance, St. Catherine’s Monastery is also a serene and beautiful destination, offering breathtaking views of the nearby landscape and a tranquil ambiance.


  • Siwa Oasis: “Desert’s Hidden Paradise”

The Siwa Oasis, a compact yet scenic desert oasis, is nestled in Egypt’s Western Desert. It’s celebrated for its natural splendor, characterized by palm trees, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking desert vistas. The oasis hosts several significant landmarks, including the Temple of Amun, which is dedicated to the ancient Egyptian deity Amun and is among Egypt’s most well-preserved temples.

 The oasis also accommodates numerous quaint villages, each exuding its distinct charm and character. The Siwa Oasis is a favored retreat for travelers seeking respite from urban chaos and immersing in the desert’s serene tranquility. It’s a distinctive and gorgeous locale to explore.


  • Ras Mohammed Natural Protected Area: “Egypt’s Pristine Wilderness”

The park is a haven for marine life, boasting some of the world’s most exquisite snorkeling and diving locations, and is considered one of the most famous natural life-protected areas in Sinai. Immerse yourself in the vibrant underwater world, teeming with a diverse array of marine species. The park offers several unique spots for you to explore, ensuring a day filled with snorkeling, swimming, and relaxation on the boat.


Adding to the excitement, you can stop at the White Island, a hidden gem nestled between the National Park and the Red Sea. Here, you can indulge in more snorkeling and soak up the sun, weather permitting.


In summary, Egypt, with its rich and varied history and culture, caters to a wide range of interests. From its ancient pyramids and temples to its contemporary cities and beaches, Egypt offers an endless array of places to explore and activities to engage in. If you’re planning an Egypt trip in 2024, remember to get the necessary vaccinations, respect local customs and traditions, and take appropriate safety measures. We strongly endorse Sun Pyramids Tours, a certified local travel agency in Egypt, for those keen on discovering Egypt’s rich culture and history. 


We provide a variety of tours and packages at reasonable prices, enabling travelers to visit iconic sites. Their knowledgeable and amiable tour guides offer comprehensive insights and commentary. It’s also advisable to conduct some research in advance to familiarize yourself with the places you intend to visit and the activities you wish to partake in. With careful planning and preparation, your 2024 Egypt trip can be a memorable and enjoyable adventure.