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Any advice on lawye...
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Any advice on lawyers that could help with this or best next steps?


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Hey group, I will try to make this as concise as possible. Any help is appreciated in advance.


I'm a US national from NYC. I was living in VN for about three years during covid on a tourist visa, then extension stamps until those stopped in late 2021. I had started to put down roots; girlfriend, dogs, etc. My work is remote. I was advised that the best way to stay was to open a small business in the same field. I was opening a legitimate business through a law firm in SG, but I overstayed my visa while the business license was being finalized (it was eventually approved, and capital was invested). However, I was denied the subsequent business visa due to the overstay (I think). I worked with the local government in DaNang to get an exit stamp and was assured by them several times (I know in retrospect now this is laughable) that once I exited, I could return on a fresh visa. The plan was to do that and then apply to marry my partner; she is Vietnamese.


This was almost a year ago, and while I haven't technically been denied reentry, the govt just doesn't process the application. I've tried through evisa and two different agents. The request says "in processing," but nothing happens. One agent told me I'm on a BL until Oct 2023, but had no way to really confirm this. I thought it sounded like an odd time frame, almost too short? Anyway, I'd really like to return to my partner and dogs and move forward with our marriage. Any advice on lawyers that could help with this or best next steps? I know the VN system is very different than the one I'm used to.

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You might consider asking moderators to move your post from the Hanoi forum to the Danang Forum.  This is may help you get recommendations for a Da Nang law firm, and then your fiance could deal directly with them