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Medicare for Americans


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Hi, I am looking for someone in a similar situation.

I am an American that is retired here in Vung Tau, Vietnam. I am retired from the US Air Force and have Tricare as my health care plan. I had the Tricare select plan while living in the USA, but recently changed my plan to Tricare overseas. That plan appears to be almost useless unless I don’t understand the plan yet.

I had a retina detachment about 6 months and required surgery. The surgery was here in HCMC. I tried to claim this cost while still having the Tricare select coverage. Of course, they denied my claim.

I see no point in keeping Tricare. I think I should just get a local health care plan.

Additionally, I am coming up on my 65 birthday in June and they are asking about medicare enrollment. I can’t use medicare outside of the USA if I understand correctly. I want to turn down or deny medicare. Should I do this or am I making a mistake?

What are your thoughts?